Typical Communication Development: Third Grade

  • Your Child's Communication: Third Grade

    By the end of third grade your child should be able to do the following:


    §  Listen attentively in group situations

    §  Understand grade-level material


    §  Speak clearly with an appropriate voice

    §  Ask and respond to questions

    §  Participate in conversations and group discussions

    §  Use subject-related vocabulary

    §  Stay on topic, use appropriate eye contact, and take turns in conversation

    §  Summarize a story accurately

    §  Explain what has been learned


    §  Demonstrate full mastery of basic phonics

    §  Use word analysis skills when reading

    §  Use clues from language content and structure to help understand what is read

    §  Predict and justify what will happen next in stories and compare and contrast stories

    §  Ask and answer questions regarding reading material

    §  Use acquired information to learn about new topics

    §  Read grade-level books fluently (fiction and nonfiction)

    §  Reread and correct errors when necessary


    §  Plan, organize, revise, and edit

    §  Include details in writing

    §  Write stories, letters, simple explanations, and brief reports

    §  Spell simple words correctly, correct most spelling independently, and use a dictionary to correct spelling

    §  Write clearly in cursive