Entrepreneurship, Leadership & Innovation


    Early College High School
    The mission of the Clean Technologies & Sustainable Industries Early College High School is to develop and support pathways to higher education that lead to careers in STEM fields for students through rigorous academic programming and a collaborative approach to learning.  A network of K-12, higher education, business and industry partners has been developed to provide students with the highest level of education and support for entering and succeeding in the clean energy fields. 

    The Clean Technologies & Sustainable Industries Early College High School is an  innovative program that provides high school students with transdisciplinary learning and 21st Century skill sets necessary to make informed decisions as they relate to college and career readiness.  Students have the advantage of being in a fully connected and collaborative learning environment.  Students work at their own pace and leverage 1:1 technology to access individualized academic support, master program expectations, and develop college and career readiness. With support from regional economic leaders, including the Center for Economic Growth (CEG), Saratoga Economic Development Corporation (SEDC) and local Chambers of Commerce, the program connects with hundreds of businesses throughout the region that serve as assets for students and represents a robust fusion of education, business and industry collaborating to train students to become innovators and leaders for the jobs of tomorrow.

    Early college high schools blend high school and college in a rigorous yet supportive program, compressing the time it takes to complete a high school diploma and the first two years of college.  Students in the Clean Technologies & Sustainable Industries Early College High School Program take both high school and college level coursework on a college campus at Hudson Valley Community College’s TEC-SMART campus located in Malta, NY. 

    What is Entrepreneurship?
    You will learn the fundamentals that will help you learn to better the odds of creating sustainable success in your business. Coursework will help you develop an entrepreneurial mindset and understand entrepreneurial finance, small business management, marketing, and legal issues for small business owners. The internet has greatly expanded the possibilities for small entrepreneurs, allowing businesses to establish niche audiences and clientele around the world.

    Early College High School Entrepreneaurship Coursework
    Computer Concepts & Applications I
    Digital Marketing
    Entrepreneurship Process
    Intermediate Algebra, College Algebra with Trigonometry or College PreCalculus
    Introduction to Entrepreneurship
    Organization & Management
    Principles of Marketing
    *College coursework is subject to changebased on HVCC & enrollment decisions.

    Early College High School Business Connections
    Through our business partners, which includes Cisco, students are provided extensive opportunities to interact with business and industry partners. Guest speakers, telepresence systems, and online collaboration tools are used to connect students with industry experts.  In addition, students participate in on-site field experiences guided by mentors who are employed by the business partners.

    Forecast for Growth in Entrepreneurship, Leadership & Innovation
    The people who will really succeed are those willing to see, think, and feel differently about their businesses. This ability to be open to new perceptions and innovations is more important now than ever— not just for your company, but for your own professional growth.- Forbes Magazine, Top Trends 2013
    Entrepreneurs are getting younger: Blogging, launching apps, publishing magazines and creating social networks, kids have created empires before they hit college. – Business News Daily, 5 Trends Entrepeneurs will see in 2013

    Career Fields in Entrepreneurship
    Small Business Owner
    Sales Managers
    Marketing Managers
    Computer Systems Managers
    Construction Managers
    Public Relations Specialists
    Patent Lawyers

    Post Graduation High Education Opportunities in Entrepreneurship, Leadership & Innovation
    Hudson Valley Community College – Entrepreneurship
    Siena College
    Clarkson University
    Syracuse University
    RPI – Lally School of Business