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  • Dust

    by Dusti Bowling Year Published: 2023

    Avalyn has always been able to breath since her family moved to Arizona. Could Adam have brought the dust storm with him? A stranger in town who doesn't share much of his life. A stranger who will sometimes smile, stays to hum self and becomes a target for the bullies Avalyn and her friends try to avoid. A stranger who Avalyn friends and discovers an awful truth about his home. The longer he is there, the worse the storm becomes and the less Avalyn can breathe.

    Rating: 5 out of 5 books

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  • Words on Fire 

    by Jennifer A. Nielsen Year Published: 2019

    In the 1800s, Lithuania was controlled by Russia and the people hated everything about that. The Russian Empire had decided to crush the whole idea of what it is to be Lithuanian. Well, how does an empire crush a people, destroy a culture, destroy a way of life? By destroying their books, their language, their traditions. And that's what they did. Every book in Lithuanian was banned, destroyed, and burned. The people were banned from speaking their language. Anything read or spoken needed to be in Russian. Yet, the Russians thought themselves to be kind because they allowed the traditions to continue, under scrutiny and surveillance by the Cossack. Audra knows her parents are keeping something from her, and she feels like she's close to the truth. That is until Russian soldiers break into her home, take her mom and dad. Audra is left to flee, but before she does, her mom gives her a book and tells her to give it to Milda and don't stop until the book is in her hands.

    Want to know what she discovers about her mom and dad? They are book smugglers. After the ban on everything Lithuanian, people began smuggling books about Lithuanian. Putting their lives in danger to be free. As Audra meets people along the way, how does she know who to trust? Will she survive?
    This is a story about staying strong when it's easier to give up. A story about survival, freedom, and liberty. How far would you go to be free and keep your culture alive?

    Rating- 5 out of 5 books.

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  • The Ballads of Songbirds and Snakes

    by Suzanne Collins Year Published: 2020

    The prequel to Hunger Games. Fans of Hunger Games, you won't believe the events that led up to the Hunger Games as we know them. Remember President Snow? The villian that was easy to dislike? Well, what if I told you he was empathetic, caring and thought of others before himself. It's true! How did he become so evil? Find out for yourself as you read The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes. Book cover

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  • The Benefits of Being an Octopus

    by Ann Braden Year Published: 2018

    WOW! This book wowed me big time- heart-felt, timely, compassionate, and a raw look at humanity. Zoey likes to stay under the radar at home and in school, but when she is forced to be a part of the debate team her eyes and mind are open to what a life she can have and deserves. When preparing for her classroom debate, she chooses to argue that the octopus is the best animal. She envisions becoming an  octopus because of their ability to camouflage, have eight tentacles to multi-task, have amazing vision and most importantly use of their powerful protective defenses. Those defenses would really come in handy so she can protect the people she loves the most. Will Zoey be able to find the courage to speak up for those she cares about, including herself, even if it means losing her home?

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  • Serefina and the Black Cloak

    by Robert Beatty Year Published: 2016

    Exciting, mysterious, scary and a perfect read for around Halloween. Serefina lives hidden with her dad in the basement of Biltmore. As Certified Rat Catcher she keeps the area free of rats. One night she discovers a creator that engulfs a child in his cloak and the child is never seen again. Set to protect other children and solve this mystery, Serefina stops at nothing to uncover the creature’s identity even if it means her own life is at risk. When a mystery of her personal life is suddenly revealed she can stay hidden no more.

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  • Extraordinary Birds

    by Sandy Stark-McGinnis Year Published: 2019

    Wow! A beautiful story about a girl in foster care and trying to connect with her mom. Oh, she also feels that she is a bird. Sounds a bit hokey, but it is so beautifully written, December becomes a character you fall in love with and root to soar.

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  • Sal and Gabi Break the Universe

    by by Carlos Hernandez Year Published: 2019

    A heartwarmaing story that talks of freindship, family and other dimensions of the universe. Sal is able to open other dimensions of the universe and bring his dead mom into his. Although, it's a different version of his mom each time, the ending is the same- a fight with his dad and stepmom. While Sal's dad is trying to figure out how this keeps happening, Sal is trying to figure out Gabi and her many dads. This story will keep you on your toes and gabi and Sal try to use the other universes to help her baby brother while he is in the hospital. While the story has moments of sadness, there is humor interspersed among the pages with lovable characters. 

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  • Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire

    by J.K. Rowling Year Published: 2000

    Rediscovering the amazing world of Harry Potter whilt re-reading this series with my daughters.  

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  • Air

    by Monica Roe Year Published: 2022

    A fantastic book about ableism, accessibility and standing up for what you need.
    Emmie has always been independent with the dream of getting a wheelchair that is set to do stunts. Emmie's independence is challenged when there is a tumble in school. Her mom would always be the one to stand up for her at meetings, but with mom gone, Dad needs to show support, and that doesn't go as planned. When the town decides to do something for her, it just doesn't feel right. Will Emmie be able to find out what it is and take a stand before it's too late?

    Rating: 5 out of 5 books

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  • A Dog's Purpose

    by W. Bruce Cameron Year Published: 2010

    I need to start by saying, I am not a dog person. I love to visit people with dogs, but owning one...well, that's questionable. However, reading this books makes me want a dog. Is there any animal other than a dog that is so full of love, excitment, and loyalty? While listening to the dog's thoughts, reading about their hijinks, and seeing how they find their way in life is making me laugh, cry, and want to play with a dog. For dog and non-dog lovers out there, this book has it all. I am only half way, but am loving the different dogs he becomes each time his current life ends. The people around him leave their mark and this pup is filling my heart with love. 

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  • Port Chicago 50

    by Steve Sheinkin Year Published: 2012

    WOW! Riveting non-fiction? Must be written by the one, the only, the magical Steve Sheinkin! His non-fiction never diappoints. Before Rosa Parks, before Martin Luther King Jr. there was the Port Chcago 50. When their life is in danger and no one cares because the men are African-American, they take a stand to save themselves. As support fails and thier freedom is in danger, they must stand together and risk everything. They must ask themselves, how far will they go for thier rights. book cover

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  • Some Kind of Happiness

    by Claire Legrand Year Published: 2017

    Reading because it was recommended by a student, "This is the best book I have ever read in my life and I want everyone to read it." A wonderful story where Finley is sent to live with family she has never met because her parents need some time to work on their marriage. As family secrets are revealed, Finley can take safety in knowing Everwood will always be there for her. As Finley's life starts to spiral out of her control, she discovers that she is stronger and braver than she ever imagined. Mental health is interwoven in this tale as Finley journeys to improved mental health. 

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  • A Tale Dark & Grimm

    by Adam Gidwitz Year Published: 2010

    Spooky, dark, and entertaining. Gidwitz weaves different tales together flawlessly while continuing the story of Hansel and Gretal. The tales are dark because they are the Grimm’s versions with wonderful voice interspersed through the story as Gidwitz warns readers. Fantastic read, especially for October.

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  • Guts

    by Raina Telgemeier Year Published: 2019

    Fantastic! Telgemeier doesn't dissapoint as she tells her personal account of living with anxiety as a kid. When a stomachache turns into something more than a virus and the worries come stronger than ever before, Raina must face these worries head on. As she goes to therapy she discovers ways to cope with these feelings. It's a gift when an author can talk about topics that are not freely talked about in society. 

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  • The Book of Boy

    by Catherine Gilbert Murdock Year Published: 2018

    I've only just begun this book and am not immediately hooked. Has anyone read this one? What are your thoughts?

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  • Harbor Me

    by Jacqueline Woodson Year Published: 2018

    A favorite author of mine! Realistic fiction that shows the power of relationships. 

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