Fourth Grade

  • It is important that your child enters fourth grade reading at grade level with solid comprehension skills. Your child will be reading across the curriculum in all subjects and will be expected to have a deep understanding of what he reads.

    In math your child will be adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing large whole numbers. Your child will also be working with decimals and fractions. They will have more homework, book reports and research projects.Fourth grade also contains another leap: toward independent work.  Homework has started by now, but fourth grade is usually the first year in which it will take on big weight and include long, home-based projects.  While some kids move right along, expect some stumbles.  Don’t be surprised, for example, when you get a panicky look at the end of the day because a project you didn’t know about is due tomorrow and every glue stick in the house has vanished.

    Milton Terrace Fourth Grade Team

    Mrs. Caird 
    Ms. Devizzio
    Mrs. Stone