Independent Reading

  • Each and every school night, students should be reading a book of their choice at least 20min. independently for homework. Students need to choose a "just right" book for them from a home, school or classroom library. Books can be any subject or genre, they can be fiction or non-fiction. It is best if students are choosing new books and not just re-reading books they liked from the past. If they choose the right book, it should hold their attention for at least 20min. or longer. We will be helping students learn what books are "just right" for them to help them grow as a reader. If you are looking for some of my recommendations, I have listed some of my favorite books on My Booklist on my website.

    Each student has a reading log which is their folder with clasps. It should come home each night and return to school daily. Inside the folder is a form that students need to fill out each night. It is important that they fill out the form completely and correctly. Mrs. Tetu will be checking the reading logs daily. If a student forgets their Reading Log, they should still read their 20min. They can record all the necessary information in their agenda or on a piece of paper and enter that information in their Reading Log during home room. I have attached a blank reading log form, just in case, below.

    In order for students to be successful with their independent reading, they need to develop good reading habits at home too. They should find a quiet space to read that is free of distractions. Reading in the living room with the t.v. on is not an ideal location. Once students are done reading, they should fill in their log and record the time and page numbers read.

    When a student finishes a book, they should record the book in the back of their Reading Log. It is important for students to be able to keep track and see their reading progress. For our 25 Book Reading program in school, 100 pages counts as one book. If a student finish reading a book that has 200 pages, that counts as 2 books towards their goal. Each student has a chart in the classroom to keep track as well. I will direct students to let me know when they finish a book and I will give them the corresponding numbers of stickers to put on their chart.

    I've also attached below a document that shows why reading 20min. is so important.

    Happy Reading!



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